Last year, In keeping with the Christmas (and Chanulka) spirit I recorded a few seasonal tunes."Please Come Home for Christmas" a soft rock tune and the more traditional "Christmas Song." For the first I 've always liked The Eagles' arrangement and I changed it just slightly. For the second I used a bit of strings and piano. (As in Nat King Cole's version.)"Oh Holy Night" is not really a Christmas carol, but more of a Christmas hymn and , in my opinion one of the best ever created.
This year (2007) I've added a swing version of I'll be Home for Christmas. I figure if I keep this up for the next few years I'll have enough tunes for a Christmas CD! Hope you enjoy it and Merry Christmas!

-Brian K. Forrest

Merry Christmas and Best of the Season to Everyone!

Please Come Home for Christmas

Christmas Song

Oh Holy Night

I'll be home For Christmas