The Beach Boys

My all time favorite Beach Boys tune has to be "In my Room" but I didn't get around to recording that one. "Don't Worry Baby" came up during a jam session and I decided to lay some tracks down just because doing a Beach Boys tune seemed a singular thing to do. I quickly found out that not many people have covered the Beach Boys successfully because: A.) Brian Wilson's falsetto parts are just damn too high. B.) The harmonies are very dense and also too damn high.

So I took the advice of my good friend Murray Britstone and transposed the song to G major. This way I was able to sing the tune without using too much falsetto and it came out reasonably decent. The version you are about to hear is quick and dirty. I spent no time trying to polish. After all it's a Beach Boys ditty and not meant to be serious. In fact this one really goes out to the kids ....

Don't Worry Baby
-Brian K. Forrest

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