Van Morrison

I can't even begin to describe Van Morrison (Who was reputed to be a surly son-of-a-bitch who didn't care much for the niceties of civilised social interaction) but I've been a fan since he sang lead with "Them" in the sixties. There was a few months back then when his pop hit "Gloria" was practically an anthem. A few years back he came to Toronto and I managed to take in his show at the outdoor Molson Ampitheatre on the grounds of Ontario Place. Great band, he sang, he left. He did not engage with his audienece one iota. It was like he was on union scale and didn't want to work one more second of overtime than the contract allowed for.

I don't think there's been a garage band in the last 30 years that didn't perform at least one of his tunes, and the song that most frequently comes up at jam sessions I've attended is "Moondance". This is because its mostly 3 chords and anybody can play the basic rythym. However, like most great tunes the outline is simple but it's the accents that make it great.

In my version I decided to keep everything acoustic thus I've titled the piece "Moondance Unplugged" which is a bit facile since Morrison's original version was also mainly acoustic but when you hear the tune I think you will agree that this version has a decidedly "unplugged" feel to it that the original, owing to its richer orchestration does not.

Moondance Unplugged
-Brian K. Forrest

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