I was around 16 years old when I first heard the music of Blood Sweat and Tears. At that age I had listened to enough music to realise that what I was hearing was something special and unique. A fusion of jazz and rock that I hadn't heard before. In the late sixties there was a lot of great tunes on the airwaves but there was also a lot of bubble gum pop played by people who really shouldn't have been called musicians. BST, however were the real thing. These were musicians who had mastered their craft, could read charts and could play with the best. They totally blew me away. I liked them even better when David Clayton Thomas (our Canadian boy) took over lead singing duties from the couterculture icon Al Kooper.

Of all their hits (You've made me so very Happy, Spinning Wheel, I'll love you more than You'll ever Know, And when I die...etc) it was a song originally done by Billie Holliday in 1939 that stuck with me....God Bless the Child.

The Blood Sweat and Tears arrangement is complex and full of jazz brass riffs. It lasts almost 6 minutes and was very difficult to emulate with my limited resources. Nonetheless I decided to give it a shot. After days and days spent trying to get this right I realised that I would never get the song down perfectly so I mixed down this rough version and called it a day....

-Brian K. Forrest

God Bless the Child

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