Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris

The tune "Love Hurts" was not one of the big hits of the sixties. It was written by a fellow named Boudleaux Bryant and recorded by the Everly Brothers in July 1960. In fact the song never became a big single until 1975 when the rock group Nazareth recorded it. Their version hit #8 on Billboard in 1976 and achieved notable record sales world wide.

Many people played or recorded this song, notably Cher, The Who, Bon Jovi and the version that I remember best...Roy Orbison. So although this was not one of Roy's greatest hits I associate the song with him more than anyone else.

It was at Norma Abbott's prompting that I decided to record the tune, and in this version you will hear her precise harmonies throughout the tune. Norma pointed out that the song was done as a duet by Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris in 1974, and suggested we emulate same.

For the arrangement we agreed that "less was more" so the accompaniment was kept to single guitar, finger picked. Instead of a bass guitar I added a cello and accented with 2 violins. So this is very much an acoustic version and definitely our own arrangement.

Love Hurts
-Brian K. Forrest

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