Leonard Cohen

Last month (Today is Dec 7, 2016) on November 7th Leonard Cohen died. When a musician/poet of Cohen's stature and longevity dies you can feel a bit of your own mortality slipping away but I don't want to get maudlin. I grew up in Montreal, and as a young musician, I knew a number of Cohen's tunes but the first one I ever learned was "Suzanne". The song is about an actual person and the scenes described in Cohen's poetic style would be familiar to most native Montrealers.

The song was written in 1966 and if you feel so inclined you can find out more about this tune here: The tune has been covered by many artists but the one I will always remember was Judy Collins' version. As of late Cohen's most played tune is Hallelujah but this came long after my foolish youthful years in Montreal. I will always associate Cohen with the city of my birth and with this song..."Suzanne"

For this recording I just put together a simple arrangement. Acoustic guitar, a bit of Harp, bass and a sparse drum line. I used strings to augment certain parts and added Clarinet in the 3rd verse to emulate the "sun flowing down like honey..."

-Brian K. Forrest